Bokashi introduces sustainable packaging - another step towards sustainability

13 Feb, 2024

Who is Bokashi?

Bokashi is an Australian company offering probiotic home and skin care products that are made in Poland

In their store, you can find natural household cleaners, body oils and children's cosmetics that are 100% natural. Their products not only benefit our health, but also contribute to the well-being of the planet.

This is a company that has long been known for its eco-friendly approach to business. However, the Bokashi team was looking for more ways to become even more sustainable. And that's how they came across us.

Their challenge

As a company that prioritizes environmental issues, Bokashi is constantly striving to minimize the negative impact of its operations on the planet. While their products are already of the highest quality, the company was looking for the right packaging that would fit perfectly into their sustainable business model. This is what motivated them to partner with our company.

"We believe that every small choice we make can have a big impact, which is why we always strive to reduce our environmental impact and support ethical and responsible sourcing." -Bokashi-

Solution and cooperation

Bokashi saw the potential of working with our company as a trustworthy partner in the field of ecology. After several conversations and a thorough understanding of their needs, we were able to find the perfect solution.

Grass labels

Grass paper label seen on packaging for a cosmetic product.  Symbol of the company's environmental values. Highlighting the quality of the product.

The first step the company took was to use labels made from dried grass. They provide a more environmentally friendly solution than classic plastic.

The process of producing paper from grass significantly reduces water and energy consumption, and does not require the use of environmentally harmful chemicals. The use of grass as a raw material is an alternative to traditional wood pulp, which further supports the sustainability of the planet.

An additional advantage of these labels is their natural character, which comes from their unique design. Grass paper is not bleached, which makes its color varied. It oscillates from light to intense beige, depending on the amount of grass added and when it was harvested. In addition, the paper is not coated, giving it a unique, irregular texture.

With this product, Bokashi firstly reduced their company's plastic consumption, and secondly gained packaging that emphasizes the naturalness and quality of their products.

Grass product boxes

Square grass product box. Packaging for many products designed to be personalised. Protects products and communicates the company's environmental values.

After a successful collaboration on labels, Bokashi has decided to take the next step by introducing product boxes made from grass.

These boxes are completely plastic-free, made from grass fibre pulp and recycled paper. They fit perfectly with the labels previously used.

Thanks to the fully customisable nature of these boxes, we have adapted their size, shape and printing to suit Bokashi's needs.

In this way, we were able to combine ecological, practical and aesthetic expectations, achieving a reduction in the environmental impact of the packaging, product protection and original presentation.


Another step towards sustainability

By working with us, Bokashi has not only gained green packaging, but also a new quality in sustainability. The grass labels and product boxes made a significant contribution to reducing the company's carbon footprint, an important step towards a greener future.

Consistent brand environmental communication

By using eco-friendly packaging, Bokashi not only gained environmentally, but also strengthened the consistency of its environmental communication. Working with us has allowed the company to emphasise its commitment to the environment at every stage of production. Now, when customers reach for Bokashi products, they not only benefit from eco-friendly cleaning products or cosmetics, but also have the reassurance that they are packaged in packaging that underlines the company's commitment to sustainability.

Environmental advantage in the marketplace

Thanks to our green solutions, this company has not only met the expectations of its customers, but has also set an example for other businesses that want to act with respect for the planet. Sustainable packaging is not only an investment in the future, but also a way of raising the environmental awareness of society. Together, step by step, we can contribute to creating a better world for future generations.


We are delighted to have had the opportunity to work with a company that prioritises environmental issues as much as we do. This collaboration gives us hope and confidence that the market is moving in an ever improving direction. We are happy that our eco-friendly packaging was able to contribute to Bokashi's further development on its journey towards sustainability.

We are proud to have been part of this ecological success story!