Compostable mailer – a mailer that disappears

17 Oct, 2022

Some time ago we’ve discussed the matter of eco-friendly packaging in business and why it’s worth to invest in it. In this article we’ll show you one of the most sustainable solutions for companies that deal with mail-order sale – compostable mailers. Here you’ll find answers to these questions: 

  • What is a compostable mailer? 
  • Why is it worth to have such mailers in your company? 
  • What are the characteristics of a compostable mailer are? 
  • How to choose the best compostable mailers? 

Compostable mailers – a new trend in e-commerce 

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Compostable mailers are courier envelopes made from natural materials. They’re made from special bioplastics based on corn starch and plant oils. They’re more eco-friendly than plastic courier envelopes which pollute our environment. 

Thanks to plant origin, they can undergo composting. It means that after being used, they’ll degrade to water, carbon dioxide and biomass. In simpler terms – they become compost, which not only does no harm to the environment but also can enrich it with valuable natural elements. 

A compostable mailer is also called a biodegradable mailer on a lot of websites. 

Why is it worth to have compostable mailers in your company? 

1) Delivery’s safety 

Compostable mailers are, most and foremost, excellent protection for you products during the delivery. Such courier envelopes are the product’s shield against unfavourable weather conditions (e.g. humidity), splotching or mechanical damage. 

2) A perfect business card for your company 

Mailers used to be associated mostly with courier companies. For some time now though they have been an excellent marketing tool for a lot of brands. No wonder! After all they’re the first thing that a client sees. 

As for now, there are many offers of compostable mailers on the market which can be personalised successfully. Both the design and characteristics of such an envelope can be adjusted according to the needs of a company that wants to invest in it – foil’s thickness, its transparency, colour and even a graphic printed on it. In this way, we have a lot of opportunities to catch consumers’ attention and make them remember our company. 

Bioplastics are pleasant to the touch. A beautiful graphic, the company’s logo and an eco-friendly material will definitely catch everyone’s attention and strengthen your product’s eco-message. 

What is important to your clients

Though the looks of a package is very important, it’s worth remembering that consumers are becoming more and more aware about ecology, which makes the choice of material even more significant. Majority of poly mailers available on the market are made of conventional plastic that is harmful to the environment. For this reason it’s worth to stand out from the sea of brands and stop using plastic packages in favour of bioplastic mailers. 

Around half of customers declare that the influence on environment is important to them. For 69% of customers the most crucial matter when it comes to eco-friendly delivery is eco packaging. 

Consumers prefer those companies that care about the environment. Almost 1/3 Polish customers has stopped buying certain brands’ products because their packages weren’t eco-friendly. 

Will compostable poly mailers be suitable for you company?

Compostable mailers

No doubts about it!

Packages made from bioplastic are as functional as average poly mailers. They can meet all the needs of entrepreneurs and consumers. 

Compostable mailers are waterproof, elastic and exceptionally durable, which is why they don’t fail to protect the delivery from humidity and damages. 

What can be packaged in a compostable mailer? 

They can be used to send a lot of products. Usually they’re available in various sizes and colours. Their transparency can be often adjusted. Because of this, such mailers will be a great choice for packing e.g. clothing, any textiles, books, magazines, cosmetics, jewellery and many more. 

How to choose a good compostable mailer?

If you decide for this solution for your company, you should buy the packages from reliable sources. The market offers a lot of poly mailers that are eco-friendly only in advertisement. How to avoid being deceived by marketing trickery and choose a truly sustainable solution? Our aid here are certificates. 

Mailers that meet the requirements to be labelled “compostable” have certificates such as TUV Austria OK compost industrial or TUV Austria OK compost home. They guarantee us that a given product is safe to the environment and will degrade to natural compounds in proper conditions. They’ll also tell us the method of degradation of the given package – industrially or at home. 

What is unique about ZNIKA’s compostable mailers?

The compostable mailers we offer are products that meet all the requirements set by the EU about compostable packaging. They hold the certificates TUV Austria OK compost industrial and TUV Austria OK compost home, which means they can be either home composted or industrially. 

ZNIKA’s compostable mailer means high quality as well. It’s made from natural materials only while also preserving every important feature of safe delivery packaging, by which your products will be well protected. Exceptionally durable and waterproof, the courier envelope has also a closing with a strand of glue. You can rest assured that your products will be delivered to clients safely. 

We hope that more and more companies will join us in the battle for a pollution-free environment. We kindly encourage you to visit our website and familiarise yourself with the characteristics of ZNIKApacks. 

Znika's compostable mailers - eco-friendly shipping packaging

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