How to choose the best packaging for coffee and tea?

07 Mar, 2023

Coffee and tea packaging is an important element that not only protects the product from harmful external factors, but also attracts consumer attention. Their functional and image features are crucial in the sales process.

Functionality first

The functional aspect of packaging for coffee and tea includes several important features. First of all, the packaging must protect the product from moisture, light and air. Therefore, it is important that the packaging is airtight and made of materials that are resistant to the elements. It is also important that the packaging is easy to use. Packaging should be convenient to open, close and store.

In the case of packaging for coffee and tea, it is also important that the packaging provide proper storage conditions. Coffee and tea require low humidity, so packaging must prevent loss of aroma and flavor.

What are doypacks?

coffee doypack with valve

One packaging solution for coffee and tea that is growing in popularity is doypack bags. Doypack packaging is characterized not only by its attractive appearance, but also by its functionality.

Doypack is a type of packaging that has gained popularity in recent years due to its convenience of use and attractive appearance. It is a combination of a bag with a zipper closure and a flat bottom, which allows the package to stand upright on its own.

Doypacks are used for packaging a variety of products, including food products, spices, cosmetics or building materials. Their design makes them easy to transport and store, and they protect the product from moisture, light and oxygen.

In addition, they are reusable packaging. They are distinguished by a special "easy open" zipper closure. Thanks to this, they can be resealed after opening and the product remains fresh for a long time.

Doypack perfect for coffee

It is important to note that the coffee packaging must not be completely airtight. It is very important that it has a special valve. An example of packaging with such a valve can be ZNIKA's Compostable doypack with valve. It allows the coffee to "breathe". Coffee gives off gases, which should not remain in the package if you want the product to remain fresh for a long time. The mentioned valve allows you to let out the gases given off by the coffee, but does not allow air inside the package, so the coffee does not lose its aroma. This product is available in our store.

Environmentally friendly solution

Doypack bags are therefore ideal packaging for both coffee and tea. Until now, however, most doypacks on the market have been made of artificial materials, resulting in a lot of waste.

Fortunately, there are more and more packaging manufacturers on the market who offer eco-friendly solutions, such as doypacks made of biodegradable and compostable materials. This innovative solution reduces waste and increases the attractiveness of the product in the eyes of customers, who are increasingly paying attention to the eco-friendliness of packaging.

Compostable doypacks for coffee and tea are already available on the market. This is an ideal solution for manufacturers who want to take care of the environment and increase customer interest in their product.

What it means that doypack is compostable?

This means that it was made of materials that, under the right conditions, can decompose into natural compounds that do not threaten the environment - water, carbon dioxide and biomass. In other words, they can turn into compost, which can then be used as fertilizer for plants.

Read more about compostability.

Image aspect of coffee and tea packaging

Opakowanie do kawy

The image aspect of coffee and tea packaging also plays an important role in the sales process. Packaging should attract consumers' attention and be consistent with the brand image. That's why it's important for packaging to be aesthetically pleasing, attractive and stand out from the competition.

In the case of coffee and tea packaging, colors and graphics are particularly important. Packaging should be designed to reflect the taste and aroma of the product. That's why, for example, green tea packaging is often green, or heavily roasted coffee packaging is dark brown.

How to design packaging for coffee?

Packaging for coffee and tea is not only a functional element, but also an aesthetic element of the product.

To make the packaging for coffee or tea more attractive, many interesting solutions can be applied. One of them can be a printed doypack or the use of an eco-friendly label made, for example, from grass paper or grape waste. Such labels can help distinguish a brand in the market and emphasize its commitment to the environment.

Here are some trends that can help you design the perfect packaging that will catch the eye of many a customer.

1. Minimalism

Minimalist design is one of the most popular trends in coffee and tea packaging design. Simple but elegant designs in neutral colors attract the attention of consumers. Such minimalism combines aesthetics with functionality, which increases the attractiveness of the product.

2. Natural materials

Customers are increasingly paying attention to ecology and sustainability. Therefore, packaging made of natural materials, such as recycled kraft paper or cardboard, is increasingly popular. However, the most sustainable solution is compostable and biodegradable materials, which can turn into compost for soil fertilization after use.

3. Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns are timeless and fit many styles. Coffee and tea manufacturers are increasingly choosing to use such designs in their packaging. Colorful triangles, circles and lines attract attention and make the packaging more attractive.

4. Photos

Placing photos of coffee beans or tea leaves on packaging is another popular trend in packaging design. With this solution, customers can see what the product looks like, which increases their confidence and willingness to buy.

Doypack Znika

Opakowanie do kawy

If you are looking for packaging that will effectively protect your products, while being environmentally friendly and visually appealing, then our compostable doypack will meet your expectations. It's a solution that not only guarantees the long freshness of your products, but also ensures their easy storage and transportation.

Thanks to its solid string, the doypack is very convenient to use - it is easy to open and close. In our offer you will also find a version of this packaging with an internal valve, which allows air circulation, effectively preventing overheating of products, as well as loss of their nutritional value and taste.

All doypacks in our range are made of biodegradable materials that can be composted and do not leave microplastics. After use, the packaging can be safely recycled into fertilizer for plants, which is another advantage of this product.

Why is packaging important?

Coffee and tea packaging is an important element that is crucial to the sales process. The functional and image aspects of packaging are equally important and must be properly considered in the packaging design process.

Doypack with valve is one of the most popular packaging for coffee and tea, which combines practical and image features. This packaging is convenient to use, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly, which contributes to customer satisfaction and product sales.