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Compostable tape

Compostable tape

Compostable adhesive tape - this is a cornstarch-based bioplastic packaging tape with a natural rubber adhesive, which is designed for eco-friendly sealing and securing of shipments.

Compostable tape is an ideal alternative to harmful plastic tapes and is great where a durable and eco-friendly tape is needed.

Size: 80m x 50mm.

Color: green with the inscription "90% natural material".

Application: shipping, cartons, product protection.

Material: PLA, rubber glue (high adhesion).

The material from which the tapes are created is certified compostable.


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Compostable tape - eco-friendly protection for your products

In today's environmentally conscious era, where concern for the environment takes precedence, we introduce a revolutionary product to our lineup – compostable adhesive tape. This ecological safeguard not only protects your products but also cares for our planet. Choose compostable tape and join the eco-friendly movement!


A guarantee of long-term protection for your products

Industrially compostable

Throw away the packaging in the BIO waste container!


Attractive design and ecology all in one

Certified material

Our products are certified, attesting to their sustainable production, origin and compostability

Ecological features of compostable tape

Our compostable tape is an innovative solution that serves as an alternative to traditional plastic tapes, eliminating harmful substances and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. The material is crafted from plants – the tape is made from bioplastic based on cornstarch and plant oils.

1. Minimizes material consumption - thanks to its high quality, one layer is sufficient to effectively secure even heavy shipments!
2. Certified material - it holds a biodegradability and compostability certificate compliant with major European and international standards – TUV Austria OK Compost INDUSTRIAL.
3. Designed for organic recycling - after use, just like a banana peel, it should go into the organic waste container 🙂

Practical advantages of compostable tape

High adhesion, durability, and easy application are the features that distinguish our compostable tape. By safeguarding shipments, cartons, and products, it ensures reliable sealing and maintains them in perfect condition. It provides optimal protection for every product.

Marketing benefits for businesses

Compostable tape isn’t just a product - it is also an expression of your company's concern for our planet. By using this eco-friendly tape, you emphasize your commitment to environmental stewardship, gaining increasing recognition among consumers. In today's times, more and more people prioritize ecological values when making purchasing decisions. Choosing compostable tape makes your company part of a sustainable market, potentially translating into customer loyalty and a positive brand image. It's not just a product; it's a choice that resonates with the conscious consumer ready to support companies caring for our planet.

Examples of applications and industries

Compostable adhesive tape will excel in various industries. In the e-commerce sector, it is an essential tool for the safe shipment of products, protecting them from damage during transport. In the food industry, it enables secure sealing of packaging while simultaneously caring for the environment. It is also an ideal solution for recycling companies looking to highlight their commitment to sustainable development.