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Protective paper mailer

Protective paper mailer

An eco-friendly protective envelope with special recycled paper filling to protect the parcel. It is made of recycled brown kraft paper (90 mg/m2).


- SU13: inside: 145x215 mm, outside: 165x215 mm (similar to A5)

- SU16: inside: 215x340 mm, outside: 235x340 mm (similar toA4)

- SU19: inside: 295x445 mm, outside: 315x445 mm (similar to A3) 

- 100% recycled - both the outer part and the filling of the envelope are recycled.
- safe and environmentally friendly shipping - the envelope is an alternative to bubble wrap envelopes.
- important for your customers - one-third of Polish customers admit that they stopped buying certain brands altogether because their packaging was not environmentally friendly.

Application: eCommerce, jewelry, fashion, electronics, delicate products
Material certifications: FSC certified
Material: recycled brown kraft paper

SUMO13 165 x 215 mm


Shipping in 24h ・ Szybkie płatności przelewy24, blik
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More ecological packaging for your online shop

Envelopes play an irreplaceable role in the world of e-commerce. However, using traditional bubble wrap envelopes can be less beneficial to both your business and the environment. Protective paper mailers are becoming increasingly popular due to their many benefits over bubble wrap envelopes. Find out why you should invest in these eco-friendly solutions, what uses they offer, and why they are suitable for a wide range of industries and products.

100% recycled

Give materials a second life and reduce the use of new ones


Minimize your company's use of harmful plastic


Attractive design and ecology all in one

Good protection

Effective protection for your products during storage, transport and shipping

Benefits of using protective paper mailers

Envelopes are an indispensable part of the product shipping process, but using traditional bubble wrap envelopes is less beneficial to the environment. The protective paper mailer is a solution that offers a number of benefits:

1. Eco-friendly alternative - The protective paper mailer is an excellent alternative to bubble wrap envelopes. The paper used in the production is a biodegradable material, which means that it decomposes easily and does not pose a burden on the environment.
2. Low environmental impact - Eco-friendly technologies are used in the production of protective paper mailers, which minimise the emission of CO2 and other harmful substances. As a result, using them helps to protect the environment.
3. Recyclable - Protective paper mailers can be easily recycled, helping to reduce waste and save natural resources.
4. Product protection - The protective paper mailer is just as effective as traditional bubble wrap envelopes in preventing damage during transportation. Thanks to its sturdy closure and strong paper, your products are safe.
5. Aesthetically pleasing - Paper envelopes are available in various sizes and colours, including white. This allows you to customise the packaging to suit your needs and your customers' preferences.

Ecological features of protective paper mailers

Our protective paper mailers are synonymous with ecological solutions in e-commerce. Here's why they are unique:

Sustainable materials - Protective paper mailers are packaging made from sustainably sourced paper, ensuring minimal environmental impact.
Recycling-friendly - Our envelopes can be easily recycled, which supports a closed life cycle of raw materials.
Reusable - Protective mailers are durable and reusable, further enhancing their environmental friendliness. Customers can use them, for example, to make a possible return.
Biodegradable - paper envelopes are biodegradable, which means that they do not leave harmful traces in the environment after use.

The uses of protective paper mailers

Protective paper mailers are suitable for many products and industries, making them a versatile solution for your online shop. They offer product protection, are environmentally friendly and, in addition, look aesthetically pleasing. With them, you will gain satisfied customers and contribute to the protection of our planet. Choose ecological solutions, choose protective paper mailers!

1. Clothing shipments - Thanks to their convenient size and protection from damage, paper envelopes are perfect for clothing shipments.
2. Book delivery - The secure closure and sturdy paper protect books from damage during transport.
3. Cosmetics shipping - Paper envelopes are hypoallergenic and ideal for shipping cosmetic products.
4. Shipping jewellery - Protection from scratches and damage is guaranteed with a paper envelope.