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Product box with coffee waste

Product box with coffee waste

Are you looking for original packaging that also fits in with the idea of sustainability? Explore our range of personalized boxes made of paper from coffee production waste - eco-friendly and tailored to your needs!

Technical data:
  • Material composition: 5% coffee production waste, 95% recycled paper.
  • Available weights: 120g and 250g
  • certifications: FSC recycled paper
  • Personalization: dimensions, colors and printing of packaging customized according to your preferences, in cooperation with you.
  • MOQ 500 pieces
Szybkie płatności przelewy24, blik
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Product boxes made from coffee waste - ecological and original packaging

Our coffee waste paper boxes not only meet your aesthetic expectations, but also remain in line with ecological values, reducing waste and using recyclable materials.

Created from plants

We use plant-based materials to make our packaging more environmentally friendly

Good protection

Effective protection for your products during storage, transport and shipping


Attractive design and ecology all in one

Certified material

Our products are certified, attesting to their sustainable production, origin and compostability

Why choose our boxes?

1. Innovative material - Our boxes consist of waste from coffee production and post-consumer waste paper, plus they are FSC certified, guaranteeing responsible forest management. By choosing our boxes, you contribute to the protection of forests and nature.

2. Natural design - Thanks to the presence of coffee in the cardboard, the boxes have a slight beige discolouration and a distinctive texture. They will give your products a unique look and make them stand out on the shop shelf.

3. Meet the needs of increasingly environmentally conscious consumers.

4. Unlimited customisation options - We offer complete freedom to create boxes that perfectly reflect your brand. You can customise the size, shape and graphics, making your products even more attractive.

5. High grammage - The availability of two weights (120g and 250g) guarantees our boxes excellent quality and reliable protection for your products.

Why is this an eco-friendly option?

No plastic - Our boxes are completely plastic-free. Made from natural materials, they leave no microplastic behind, helping to reduce plastic pollution.

Recycled raw materials - By choosing our boxes, you support the use of recycled materials instead of producing packaging from new raw materials.

Waste reduction - Using recycled paper and coffee waste helps to reduce packaging waste. Once used, the materials get a new life as boxes instead of going to landfill or incineration.

FSC certified - The paper used for our boxes is FSC certified, which means responsibly managed forests.