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Compostable doypack

Compostable doypack

Compostable Doypack is an innovative and eco-friendly solution for companies that want to take care of the environment. Designed with sustainability in mind, this type of packaging is an excellent choice for companies that want to implement eco-friendly solutions in their products.

After use, dispose of in a BIO bin or home composter.

Doypack features:

  • home-compostable
  • made of kraft paper, polylactide and cornstarch
  • reusable string
  • the decomposition process will only begin after disposal
  • compostability marking on the bottom
  • suitable for food storage

      250g (16x23x9 cm)


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      Compostable doypacks - your ecological solution

      Companies that want to act with respect for the environment will find an innovative and ecological solution in the compostable doypack. Created with sustainability in mind, this packaging is the ideal choice for companies wishing to incorporate eco-friendly solutions into their products. Do you want to take care of the planet and provide your customers with innovative packaging at the same time? Here is a solution worth considering!

      Created from plants

      We use plant-based materials to make our packaging more environmentally friendly


      Minimize your company's use of harmful plastic

      Certified material

      Our products are certified, attesting to their sustainable production, origin and compostability

      Home compostable

      You can throw this packaging away in your backyard composter!

      The environmental friendliness of compostable doypacks

      Our compostable doypacks are a true revolution in eco-friendly packaging. Made from kraft paper, polylactide and cornstarch, they are fully compostable in both industrial and domestic settings. This means that after using them, you don't have to worry about where they go. The decomposition process will only begin after disposal, making them environmentally friendly.

      Why is it a practical solution?

      The doypack is a type of packaging that has gained popularity in recent years for its convenience of use and attractive appearance. It is a combination of a bag with a zipper closure and a flat bottom that allows the pack to stand upright on its own. Thanks to their design, they are easy to transport and store and protect the product from moisture, light and oxygen.

      Practical and versatile applications of compostable doypacks

      Here are some examples of which industries and products these eco-friendly solutions are suitable for:

      1. Food - Our compostable doypacks are ideal for storing food, including coffee, tea, spices, as well as flour and sweets. They will keep your product fresh and tasty for longer.

      2. Dietary supplements - If you sell dietary supplements, compostable doypacks will be the perfect packaging, for storing them.

      3. Cosmetics - Cosmetics that cannot tolerate moisture and light can be safely stored in doypacks. Your products will always be in perfect condition.