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Custom compostable mailer

Custom compostable mailer

 Discover compostable mailer with your own imprint - an innovative version of biodegradable foil pack. It's a truly eco-friendly alternative to the most common packaging choice in e-commerce - the foilopak.

Our compostable foil pack is made of certified bioplastic. Put your own imprint on it and make the packaging eye-catching, and associate your brand with a responsible approach to business.

Compostable foil pack with your own imprint will easily serve as shipping packaging for a variety of products, such as clothing, books, beauty products and many others.

It fulfills its purpose just as effectively as traditional synthetic foil packs. It provides equally solid protection for the contents of your shipment, while being more nature-friendly. By using it, you reduce the amount of waste and microplastics generated.

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Compostable Mailer

Are you in search of innovative packaging solutions that protect the natural environment while allowing for quick and secure parcel packing? We have the answer: compostable mailers. These eco-friendly, biodegradable packages are an excellent solution for environmentally conscious entrepreneurs and consumers alike.

Certified material

Our products are certified, attesting to their sustainable production, origin and compostability


Minimize your company's use of harmful plastic

Industrially compostable

Throw away the packaging in the BIO waste container!

Created from plants

We use plant-based materials to make our packaging more environmentally friendly

Less plastic, same functionality

Our biodegradable mailers are designed with the environment in mind. We use a material based on cornstarch and plant oils, creating packages that are plastic-free, fully compostable, and biodegradable.

At the same time, they do not compromise on strength or aesthetics compared to their plastic counterparts. They help you reduce your environmental footprint and deliver products without compromise!

Our products carry certifications compliant with European and international standards, such as TUV Austria OK Compost INDUSTRIAL.

Practical benefits of using compostable mailers

Our compostable mailers not only care for the environment but also offer practical solutions. Here are a few benefits you gain by choosing our packages:

1. Smaller carbon footprint - Our mailers are lighter than traditional packaging, translating to a reduced environmental impact during transport and lower carbon dioxide emissions.
2. Quick packing - Thanks to the self-adhesive tape and convenient packing process, you can prepare orders quickly and easily, saving time and increasing efficiency.
3. Product protection - The durable material of our mailers effectively protects your products from moisture, dirt, and damage, ensuring their safe delivery to customers.
4. Non-transparent material - The packaging not only secures the contents but also maintains their privacy, shielding them from external views.

By choosing our compostable mailers, you invest not only in ecology but also in efficiency and the protection of your products.

Marketing advantages of printed compostable mailers

Packaging provides an excellent platform for brand promotion. Our custom-printed compostable mailers allow you to stand out. Why opt for our marketing solutions?

First impression - Your customer immediately encounters your logo and graphics on the packaging, making your brand noticeable.

Versatility - Printed mailers serve well as additional protection for a cardboard box or as the direct packaging for your product.

Color and vibrancy - Our mailers allow for printing in a full range of colors, giving you the opportunity to create packaging in line with your company's visual identity.

Sustainable brand - Show customers that you care about the natural environment and choose planet-friendly solutions.