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Custom mailer box

Custom mailer box

Personalized mailer boxes with practical cut closure. Ideal for quick and convenient packaging of shipments. A great solution for any ecommerce business.

Available sizes: you will find more than 20 sizes of cut boxes in our offer.

To choose your size click the "personalize" option.

Material: 100% recycled paper

Printing: Graphics agreed individually with the customer

Quantity: minimum 50 pieces

Cut boxes are very practical shipping packaging. They adequately protect products and facilitate the packing process.

In addition, these are boxes designed for personalization. With unique graphics, they will become a business card for the company. Packaging is the first direct contact with the customer. It is worth trying to make it as good as possible.
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Custom mailer box - your business card and ecological choice

Welcome to our shop, where you will find personalised mailer boxes that meet your expectations in terms of both aesthetics and ecology. These boxes are not only practical, but also allow you to differentiate your brand and minimise your environmental impact. Take a look at our range and discover why you should invest in custom mailer boxes.


A guarantee of long-term protection for your products


Attractive design and ecology all in one


Minimize your company's use of harmful plastic

Certified material

Our products are certified, attesting to their sustainable production, origin and compostability

The sustainability of custom mailer boxes

One of the most important advantages of our printed mailer boxes is their eco-friendliness. Our packaging is cut boxes that are FSC certified. This means that the wood used to make the boxes comes from responsibly managed sources, which is of great importance for forest conservation.

A major advantage of custom mailer boxes is also their recyclability. At the end of their use, these boxes do not have to go to landfill, which contributes to reducing waste. Thus, by choosing our boxes, you support the ideas of sustainability and circularity.

In addition, thanks to the cut closure, the boxes can help to minimise the amount of packaging materials used. Very little tape is needed to close such a box.

Practical advantages of custom mailer boxes

Our mailer boxes are not only environmentally friendly, but also extremely practical.

Their cut closure makes them ideal for packaging a wide variety of products. They adequately protect the contents, which is particularly important for transport and shipping.

Thanks to their accurate cut-outs and precise workmanship, these boxes fold up quickly and easily, which saves time and keeps your packaging looking professional.

Marketing benefits of printed sales boxes

Imprinting on boxed goods is an extremely effective way to enhance your brand image. With the ability to personalise boxes with your own imprint or company logo, you can create unique packaging that acts as a business card for your company. The first direct contact with a customer is a key moment to leave a positive impression.

Custom mailer boxes cases are the perfect tool for building brand recognition. Your logo, advertising slogan or any graphic can be placed on the boxes anywhere and in any way to attract the attention of potential customers. With a professional look and original print, your products will become a form of advertising in themselves.