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Custom paper bag

Custom paper bag

If when you think of an eco-friendly bag you have in front of your eyes a boring, gray bag, then now you will change your mind. Our ecological paper bags are an ideal alternative to plastic bags, which impresses with original design.

Technical data:

Material: kraft paper

Certification: The product is FSC certified

Available sizes:

  • 25x15x33
  • 32x17x39
  • 34x20x35
  • 45x16x48

Handle: paper twist handle

Minimum: from 5000

Graphics: we make one graphic in one minimum,

Waiting time: 3 weeks

This is no ordinary paper bag. As with all our products, it is a combination of functionality and ecology.

  • Our printed paper bags are made from high-quality, natural FSC-certified paper.
  • The prints are made with water-based inks, which allow to achieve very high quality graphics without harming the environment.
  • We also use eco-friendly glue for their production.
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Custom paper bag - the ecological and practical choice

Our custom printed paper bags are the ideal solution for companies that want to combine ecology with functionality and brand promotion. Made from high-quality paper, with eco-friendly prints and adhesive, they are the perfect choice for many occasions. It is worth investing in more eco-friendly products, which at the same time are an effective advertising medium.

Certified material

Our products are certified, attesting to their sustainable production, origin and compostability


A guarantee of long-term protection for your products


Minimize your company's use of harmful plastic


Our packaging is designed to be easily recycled, contributing to a closed material cycle

Wherein lies the sustainability of custom paper bags?

Our custom paper bags are one example of eco-friendly packaging solutions for companies.

They are made from high-quality natural paper that is FSC certified. This means that the paper comes from responsibly managed sources, which is key to protecting forests.

Another element that underlines the eco-friendliness of our custom paper bags are the prints, which are made using water-based inks, making the graphics of exceptionally high quality while having no negative impact on the environment.

In addition, we use eco-friendly glue for production, which underlines our commitment to a responsible approach in the manufacturing process.

This is ideal for companies that want to promote their products and at the same time act with respect for nature.

Practical advantages of custom paper bags

Paper bags are not only eco-friendly, they are also extremely functional. Available in different sizes, printed in a variety of colours, these bags are the perfect addition to your range.

They are perfect as packaging for a variety of products - from cosmetics to promotional gadgets. You can order them in a custom size, with any graphics, allowing you to create unique designs that will set your company apart from the competition.

Custom paper bags are perfect for multiple uses. They are durable, elegant and ideal as a gift or product packaging solution. With your own print, you can include your company logo on them to emphasise your professionalism and brand image.

Marketing advantages of custom paper bags

Printing on a paper bag is of great importance when it comes to promoting your business. Your logo can be placed on the bag in various locations of your choice. This gives you complete control over the design and how your company will be presented.

These bags are also excellent promotional gadgets. They can be used at various events, conferences or trade fairs, where promoting your company is of great importance. Your brand will gain recognition and customers will have the opportunity to see your products in elegant packaging.

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