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Custom kraft paper tape

Custom kraft paper tape

Kraft paper tape with personalized print and natural rubber adhesive. Created for eco-friendly sealing and securing of shipments.

Create an original tape with your own imprint

Size: 50m/50mm
Material: paper, natural rubber glue
Graphics: design determined directly with the customer
Lead time: 21 working days
Minimum order: 36 pieces
Available imprint colors: 3
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Custom kraft paper tape - the eco-solution for your packages

Here is a product that not only secures your shipments, but also takes care of the planet. Custom kraft paper tape is an eco-friendly choice worth considering. Why? See for yourself!


A guarantee of long-term protection for your products


Attractive design and ecology all in one

Certified material

Our products are certified, attesting to their sustainable production, origin and compostability


Our packaging is designed to be easily recycled, contributing to a closed material cycle

Natural adhesive tapes

Our paper tapes are the perfect solution for companies that want to operate with respect for the environment. What makes them more environmentally friendly than ordinary plastic tapes?

Kraft paper - Our tapes are made from high-quality undyed and uncoated paper.

Plant-base rubber glue - The adhesive tapes have an adhesive layer made of natural rubber glue, which means they do not contain harmful solvents.

Easy segregation - After use, they can be easily separated from the packaging and placed in a suitable recycling container, which promotes both recycling and plastic reduction in the company. There is no need to separate them from the cardboard!

Practical advantages of custom kraft paper tapes

Our custom paper tape has many practical advantages that will make your packaging processes more efficient and environmentally friendly:

High durability - Custom paper tapes are extremely strong, which makes them ideal for securing parcels.

Excellent adhesion - Thanks to the strong rubber adhesive, the tapes stick solidly, protecting the contents of the parcel from mechanical damage.

Allows you to keep your brand image ecologically consistent - When packaging your products in a carton, for example, it is also worth making sure it is sealed and secured in a more sustainable way.

Custom paper tapes - the business card of your company

Custom tape is an excellent tool for promoting your brand. What are the benefits of personalised tapes?

First impression - when a customer opens a package with your logo, they immediately see your company. It's a lasting first impression.

Eco-friendly image - Personalised paper tapes with natural rubber adhesive allow you to communicate your brand's environmental values and attract customers who value sustainability.

Sealing with taste - If you're packing products in cartons, it's worthwhile to go for a more eco-friendly way of sealing and securing them. Printed paper tape is an excellent choice.