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Decorative paper wrap

Decorative paper wrap

Decorative paper wrap - which imitates the arrangement of honeycombs, thus replacing artificial and plastic fillers. We offer it in bound and convenient sheets of 100 pieces (40cmx75cm).

- takes up 10x less space - paper remains completely flat until packaging, soit takes up 10x less space than bubble wrap,
- this is important for your customers - a third of Polish customers admit that they stopped buying certain brands altogether because their packaging was not environmentally friendly,
- a more sustainable solution - reduces your company's use of harmful plastic.

Paper filler is a sustainable alternative to plastic fillers, which take up a lot of space and pollute the planet for hundreds of years.

Type: bound sheets
Usage: shipping, glass and ceramics, cosmetics, decoration, art, toys
Material type: 100% paper
Biodegradability: 100% naturally biodegradable
Recyclability: 100% recyclable
Properties: paper remains flat until stretched.
Certifications: has the most well-known certification (FSC) Forest Stewardship Council®

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Foliopak Kompostowalny ZNIKA

Foliopak kompostowalny ZNIKA to dowód na to, że wybór ekologicznego rozwiązania, nie musi oznaczać kompromisu z wytrzymałością i designem. To doskonała alternatywa dla opakowań plastikowych.


Give materials a second life and reduce the use of new ones


Attractive design and ecology all in one


Minimize your company's use of harmful plastic

Good protection

Effective protection for your products during storage, transport and shipping