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Flap grass cardboard

Flap grass cardboard

Flap grass cardboard not only ensures safety during shipping, giving packages a natural design, but is also much more environmentally friendly than standard boxes.

Sizes: 28.8 cm x 24.4 cm x 9.3 cm

High grammage - Thanks to its exceptionally high grammage, flap grass cardboard is characterized by significant durability, protecting the contents from contamination, crushing, and scratches.

Material composition - It consists of 40% grass fiber and 60% wood pulp, emphasizing the sustainable nature of the packaging.

Flap grass cardboard becomes an ecological business card for companies, reducing water and energy consumption by up to 95% compared to traditional wood pulp packaging. It's not just packaging; it's a conscious choice with a positive impact on the environment.


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Flap grass cardboard - functionality, aesthetics, and ecology

We invite you to discover unique flap grass cardboard boxes that not only effectively secure products during delivery but also allow you to stand out from the competition.

Created from grass

Reduce your company's use of harmful plastic and rely on recycled materials


Attractive design and ecology all in one


A guarantee of long-term protection for your products

Good protection

Effective protection for your products during storage, transport and shipping

Environmental benefits of grass cardboard

1. Biodegradability and recycling - The packaging is fully biodegradable and suitable for recycling and composting, eliminating a negative impact on the environment after use.

2. Minimal water consumption - The production of grass cardboard requires significantly less water than traditional cardboard packaging, contributing to the protection of water resources.

3. No harmful chemicals - Grass cardboard does not require the use of harmful chemicals during production, making it safe for both people and the environment.

4. Energy efficiency - The production process of grass cardboard reduces energy consumption compared to traditional packaging, supporting efficient management of energy resources.

Decorative and functional features of grass cardboard boxes

Flap grass cardboard boxes are not only environmentally friendly but also practical. Their simple and fast folding mechanism speeds up the packing process while providing robust product protection.

The natural color and texture add a unique character to the packaging, making them perfect for various industries and products.

Examples of using flap grass cardboard

1. Online stores - Excellent for shipping products from online stores, maintaining their aesthetics, and caring for the environment.

2. Cosmetic brands - Ideal for packaging cosmetics, emphasizing their natural character.

3. Small products and gifts - Perfect for packing small items, gifts, greeting cards, and even food products.

4. Elegant packaging - Adds unique elegance and attracts attention, distinguishing products from the competition.

5. Sun protection - Ideal for storing products that require protection from sunlight while preserving their quality.

Grass cardboard are not only an ecological but also an aesthetic solution, combining ecology with functionality. By investing in them, you contribute to the future while maintaining the style and quality of packaging, undoubtedly pleasing your customers.