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Grass paper bag with handle

Grass paper bag with handle

Eco-friendly paper bag with handle.

Material: 30% grass fiber and 70% recycled paper

Weight: 90 gsm

Color: Grass paper is unbleached. The color is subject to natural variations from very light to intense beige, depending on the amount of grass added and the date of harvest.

Environmental footprint: the bags use up to 95% less water and energy than tree paper and are more environmentally friendly.

20 cm x 10 cm x 28 cm



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Ecological and stylish innovation for your business

Whatever industry you're in, grass paper bags with handles are an eco-friendly and stylish solution that will draw the attention of your customers and highlight your commitment to the environment. Add them to your range and get a new quality in packaging for your products. See that ecology and design can go hand in hand - choose grass bags today.

Created from grass

Reduce your company's use of harmful plastic and rely on recycled materials


Attractive design and ecology all in one


Minimize your company's use of harmful plastic


A guarantee of long-term protection for your products

Ecological advantages of grass paper bags with handle

Grass paper products are a truly ecological solution. Their production and use contribute to the protection of our planet. Why should you be interested in them?

1. Biodegradable and recyclable - our grass paper bags are fully biodegradable and recyclable and compostable. They leave no trace in the environment after their use.
2. Minimal water use - Producing paper from grass minimises water consumption. Processing one tonne of grass requires only 6 litres of water, a huge saving compared to traditional packaging materials.
3. No harmful chemicals - Grass paper products do not require the use of harmful chemicals during production. They are safe for humans and environmentally friendly.
4. Energy Saving - Grass paper production reduces energy consumption. Only 112 kWh of energy is needed to process one tonne of grass, as opposed to the approximately 5,000 kWh needed to process one tonne of wood pulp.
5. Natural Colour - Our grass paper bags have an unbleached colour that adds to their character. The colour can vary from light beige to intense brown, depending on the amount of grass and when it was harvested.

Style and ecology in one

Grass paper bags with handles not only take care of the planet, but also look extremely stylish. With their natural look, they add a unique touch to any shopping experience. They are the ideal solution for companies that want to combine ecology with design.

Diversity of industries and products

Grass paper bags are versatile packaging that have found their way into many industries. Here are some examples:

1. Food and Grocery Products - Grass paper bags are ideal for packaging food products. Their natural appearance emphasises the quality and freshness of the contents.
2. Fashion and Accessories - In the fashion industry, they are an ideal choice. They are suitable for packaging clothes, shoes and accessories, adding a unique style to the overall look.
3. Jewellery and Cosmetics - Small items, such as jewellery or cosmetics, gain prestige when packaged in eco-friendly grass paper bags.
4. Gifts and Souvenirs - For companies that value aesthetics and ecology, grass paper bags with handles make ideal packaging for gifts and souvenirs.
5. Plants and Flowers - Want your flowers and plants to be presented in a natural way? Grass paper bags are the perfect choice.