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Grass paper labels

Grass paper labels

Organic labels are created from matte uncoated material with a characteristic brown-green color. The material consists mainly of grass, specifically sun-dried hay. The shape, size and printing of the label are customized each time according to your needs.

- ecological and neat appearance - our labels have a characteristic matte;
finish, they are nice to the touch making them stand out from plastic solutions
- important for your customers - one-third of Polish customers admit that they stopped buying certain brands altogether because their packaging was not environmentally friendly;

Choose eco-friendly labels for your products!

Size: customized according to the customer's needs
Graphics: design determined directly with the customer,

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Grass paper labels - eco-friendly enhancement for your products

Grass paper labels provide an excellent solution, combining ecology with practicality and marketing potential. By choosing them, you minimize the use of non-renewable resources, reduce your company's carbon footprint, and contribute to environmental protection. Additionally, you bestow natural beauty upon your products, appreciated by conscious consumers. Embrace ecological labels made from grass to stand out in the market and build a positive brand image. Discover the new standard in packaging!

Created from grass

Reduce your company's use of harmful plastic and rely on recycled materials


Attractive design and ecology all in one

Created from plants

We use plant-based materials to make our packaging more environmentally friendly


Minimize your company's use of harmful plastic

Ecology of grass paper labels

Our grass paper labels are truly unique. Crafted from sun-dried grass, they offer an exceptional ecological solution. By reducing the consumption of plastic and other non-renewable materials, you contribute to environmental preservation.

Grass paper production reduces water and energy consumption and eliminates the need for environmentally harmful chemicals. The addition of grass provides an alternative to traditional wood pulp, further influencing the sustainable development of our planet.

Practical advantages of grass paper labels

Grass paper labels are not just an ecological choice but also a practical solution. They adhere perfectly to various types of packaging, ensuring excellent adhesion. The durability of this material ensures that your labels remain intact even in challenging conditions.

Products labeled with grass paper labels stand out with natural beauty. Consumers increasingly consider ecology in their purchases, preferring to support sustainable brands. By choosing grass labels, you demonstrate your commitment to the environment and understand consumer expectations.

Marketing benefits of grass paper labels

Grass paper labels are not only an ecological choice but also an excellent form of advertising. With the option to customize prints, you give your products a unique character. The uncoated material in its natural color and texture serves as an attractive design that distinguishes your products from the competition.

In today's times, customers are weary of plastic and chemicals. By selecting ecological labels, you attract the attention of conscious consumers who appreciate your contribution to environmental protection. You can create a positive brand image and gain customer loyalty.

Examples of grass paper label applications

Grass paper labels find application in various industries and scenarios. They can be used for food, cosmetic products, handmade goods, or eco-friendly gifts. Their adhesion and durability make them perfect for labeling a wide range of materials.

If you are a producer of ecological products, grass labels seamlessly fit the character of your offerings. You can also use them for promotions, events, or in stores specializing in eco-friendly products. Everywhere ecology and the natural appearance of packaging matter.