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Kraft paper labels

Kraft paper labels

Recycled kraft paper labels.

- ecological and neat appearance - our labels have a characteristic matte;
finish, they are nice to the touch by which they stand out against plastic solutions

- A more sustainable solution - the product is made of 100% recycled natural material.

- This is important for your customers - one-third of Polish customers admit that they stopped buying certain brands altogether because their packaging was not environmentally friendly;

Choose eco-friendly labels for your products!

Material: 70g/m2 kraft paper, 100% made from recycled paper

Size: customized for your products,

Graphics: design determined individually,

Application: write to us about your product and we will try to choose the perfect label.

Szybkie płatności przelewy24, blik
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Kraft paper labels from recycling - eco-friendly and functional solution

If you prioritize eco-friendly packaging, practical solutions, and effective marketing, our kraft paper labels will exceed your expectations. Customize them to suit your needs, choose your own imprint, and embrace a sustainable approach to packaging. Order today, and we'll swiftly deliver the finished labels to your doorstep. Invest in ecology and create a positive brand image!

100% recycled

Give materials a second life and reduce the use of new ones


Attractive design and ecology all in one


Minimize your company's use of harmful plastic

Created from plants

We use plant-based materials to make our packaging more environmentally friendly

Ecology of kraft paper labels

Our kraft paper labels are a unique solution for those who aim to provide services in harmony with nature. The material used, 70g/m2 kraft paper, is 100% recycled. Environmental protection is our priority, and we offer a product that doesn't burden natural resources additionally. By choosing our labels, you opt for an ecological approach to packaging, something your customers will surely appreciate.

Unlock the potential of kraft paper labels

Our labels not only stand out for their ecological approach but also offer practical benefits. Their matte finish gives them a neat appearance, making them perfect for various types of packaging. They are also pleasant to the touch, adding a unique character to your products. We tailor the label size to your needs, ensuring a perfect fit for every product.

Choose kraft paper labels - invest in ecology and your brand's Image

Kraft paper labels not only protect the environment and are practical but also serve as effective marketing tools. We offer the option of custom printing, allowing you to personalize labels according to your individual graphic design. This is an excellent opportunity to stand out in the market and capture customer attention. Trends in eco-friendly shopping make kraft paper labels not only a fashionable but also a sensible choice for businesses.

Examples of kraft paper label applications

Kraft paper labels find broad applications in various industries. They excel in food products, cosmetics, and even clothing. You can use them to label products on store shelves and identify goods in the warehouse and during shipping. Their versatility makes them an ideal solution for diverse product categories.