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Recycled paper labels

Recycled paper labels

Labels made of certified recycled white paper.

- ecological and neat appearance - our labels have a characteristic matte;
finish, they are nice to the touch making them stand out from plastic solutions
- important for your customers - one-third of Polish customers admit that they stopped buying certain brands altogether because their packaging was not environmentally friendly;

Choose eco-friendly labels for your products!

Material: 99% recycled paper.

Size: customized for your products,

Graphics: design determined individually,

Application: write to us about your product and we will try to choose the perfect label.

Szybkie płatności przelewy24, blik
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Recycled paper labels - make a difference for the environment with every product

If you're in search of environmentally friendly labels with excellent design, our recycled paper labels are the perfect solution. Offering versatility, practicality, and a commitment to the environment, they become an integral part of a sustainable business. Choose labels that not only capture customer attention but also help protect our planet. Explore our offering now!

Certified material

Our products are certified, attesting to their sustainable production, origin and compostability


Minimize your company's use of harmful plastic


A guarantee of long-term protection for your products


Our packaging is designed to be easily recycled, contributing to a closed material cycle

Ecological Features of Decorative Paper Wrap

Our decorative paper wrap is not just a practical solution; it's also a choice with the environment in mind. Made from paper that is recyclable and biodegradable, this eco-friendly wrap is an excellent alternative to traditional packaging materials. The 3D structure of the wrap ensures the safety of the shipment, protecting products from breakage, impact, or scratches. Additionally, the decorative paper wrap mimics the arrangement of honeycomb cells, giving the package a unique appearance.

Practical Advantages of Decorative Paper Wrap

The paper wrap not only secures products but also gives the shipment an attractive look. Thanks to its 3D structure, it perfectly conforms to different shapes, making each package look like an elegant gift. Its efficiency stems from its ability to adapt to the volume of the shipment, meaning the amount of wrap used is optimal, and the packing process is easy and quick.