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Custom grass paper bag with handle

Custom grass paper bag with handle

Eco-friendly paper bag with string or flat handle. Ideal for shopping, gift wrapping and all kinds of products. Comfortable to carry.

Material: 30% grass fiber and 70% recycled paper.

Weight: 90 gsm

Color: Grass paper is unbleached. The color naturally fluctuates from very light to intense beige, depending on the amount of grass added and the date it was harvested.

Environmental Footprint: the bags are made from grass paper, the production of which uses up to 95% less water and energy than the production of wood paper, making them more environmentally friendly.

String handle
Available sizes:

  • 20x10x23
  • 26x12x34
  • 32x12x41

Flat handle
Available sizes:

  • 18x9x22
  • 32x12x41
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Stylish and eco-friendly bags with your own print

Create an eco-friendly image with our custom grass paper bag with handle. Choose grass paper bags with your own imprint and join the movement for sustainability. Available in a variety of sizes and quantities, always tailored to your needs. Complete your order today, creating an eco-friendly image for your business with our stylish grass bags!

Created from grass

Reduce your company's use of harmful plastic and rely on recycled materials


Attractive design and ecology all in one


Minimize your company's use of harmful plastic


A guarantee of long-term protection for your products

Sustainability of printed grass bags

Make a difference for the planet - sustainable and environmentally friendly material. Our custom grass paper bag with a handle combines eco-friendliness and functionality. Constructed from 30% grass fibre and 70% recycled paper, they are environmentally friendly. Their production minimises water and energy consumption and contributes to climate protection, emitting up to 95% less CO2 than traditional packaging.

Sustainable approach to recycling and composting - Distinguished by their natural design, grass bags are also practical to dispose of. They are recyclable and compostable, making them a truly sustainable solution. By choosing them, you are taking part in reducing waste and nurturing a green future.

Practical advantages of custom grass paper bag with handle

1. Functionality and aesthetics in one Our bags are not only eco-friendly, they are also functional and aesthetically pleasing. Made from 90 gsm grass paper, they are durable and difficult to damage or bend. In addition, the wide handles make them comfortable to carry, ideal for shopping or product presentations.

2. Promotional gadget - custom logo and graphics on the bag Personalising a grass paper bag is a great way to promote your brand. It's easy to put your manufacturer's logo on them with the option of custom printing. The bags become not only a practical gadget, but also a mobile advertising medium, increasing brand recognition.

Marketing advantages of custom grass paper bag

Ecology with its own stylish touch. Custom grass paper bags are not only eco-friendly packaging, but also a stylish addition to your brand promotion. They will draw the attention of customers while communicating the values of caring for the environment. They are the perfect combination of aesthetics and ecology.

Diverse applications - examples of use

1. Eco-style shopping Our bags are perfect for eco-friendly shopping. Customers will appreciate not only their functionality, but also their contribution to environmental protection.

2. Elegant gift packaging custom grass paper bags become an elegant gift accessory. They add uniqueness and make each gift special.

3. Advertising on your own terms Use personalised printed bags at events, conferences or trade fairs. This is an effective way to promote your product and brand, while contributing to your green image.

3. Sustainable catering business Eco-friendly delivery for customers. For catering businesses, custom grass paper bags are an ideal solution for food packaging. In addition, advertising print increases brand visibility among customers.