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Custom protective paper mailer

Custom protective paper mailer

Eco-friendly protective envelope with special recycled paper filling to protect the parcel. It is made of recycled brown kraft paper (90 mg/m2).

- 100% recycled - both the outer part and the filling of the envelope are recycled.
- safe and environmentally friendly shipping - the envelope is an alternative to bubble wrap envelopes.
- important for your customers - one-third of Polish customers admit that they stopped buying certain brands altogether because their packaging was not environmentally friendly.

Application: eCommerce, jewelry, fashion, electronics, delicate products
Material certifications: FSC certified
Material: recycled brown kraft paper
Grammage: (90 mg/m2)

Create envelopes with your original print.

Available sizes (outside/inside)

135x215 / 115x215 mm
165x215 / 145x215 mm
195x265 / 175x265 mm
235x265 / 215x265 mm
235x340 / 215x340 mm
245x340 / 225x340 mm
285x360 / 265x360 mm
315x445 / 295x445 mm
365x470 / 345x470 mm
185x175 / 165x175 mm

Graphics: one-sided printing on envelopes is available, made with digital printing. It allows 30% of the surface to be printed.

Minimum order: 50 pieces.

Lead time: 10 working days.

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100% recycled

Give materials a second life and reduce the use of new ones


Minimize your company's use of harmful plastic


Attractive design and ecology all in one

Good protection

Effective protection for your products during storage, transport and shipping