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22 Sep, 2023
This article discusses:
  • Single-use eco packages
  • Biodegradable packages
  • Environment-friendly packages
  • Packages without plastic
Clients often pay attention to the fact that single-use packaging made from plastic is harmful to the environment. This made a lot of companies decide for eco packaging which is environment-friendly. However, there is a lot of greenwashing
which promotes many “eco packages” that are everything but eco.

What does it mean that a package is eco-friendly?

Since we’re often asked which products and solutions are eco-friendly and which not, we’ve decided to make a ranking of packaging solutions.

I. No packaging

The most eco-friendly solution is to not pack your product at all. Each single-use package contributes to the usage of wood, paper, cardboard, plastic, glass or any other material that is used to produce packaging. Not so many single-use packages can be recycled, while most ends up as waste, they are used for a few brief moments. If we can give up packaging, it’ll be the most eco solution.Produkty bez opakowania

II. Reusable packaging

Reusable packages and containers are not so comfortable to use for clients, but they can be more friendly to the environment. If it’s possible to implement a system of returning, cleaning and protecting reusable packages, it could be a much more eco-friendly solution than single-use packaging in many cases. Despite all that, the whole infrastructure of processing one reusable package can use a lot of resources, e.g. water, cleaning agents or fuel.

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III. Compostable packaging made from plants

You can find a lot of options among eco packaging. Unfortunately, most of them is either unintentional misguidance of the clients or intentional greenwashing. There are a lot of criteria with which eco-friendly packages can be rated. Our priority is to not litter our planet up, so for us, the most eco-friendly packaging are those that can undergo the process of composting, which means they’ll degrade to natural substances.

Among eco-friendly packaging which are compostable at the same time, we can distinct traditional paper and cardboard packages, although their production is involves deforestation (which is often unsustainable). In addition, paper and cardboard packaging takes more space and weights more that their plastic counterparts.

In our opinion, the most eco-friendly and functionable compostable packaging is safe, durable and resistant to damage but is not plastic-made. Compostable packaging from bioplastic retains the features of plastic packages with a difference that they are made from plants and can undergo the process of composting, they’ll disappear… Unlike plastic, eco packages from plants won’t stay on our planet for another millennium, but will disappear after a few weeks.

Opakowania kompostowalne

IV. Biodegradable packaging

Biodegradable eco packaging is ranked lower than compostable one because the process of biodegradation takes longer, so it harms the environment more. Each compostable package is at the same biodegradable, but it doesn’t work the other way around. Another thing to consider is that some biodegradable packages degrade to  microplastic, so they further harm the environment. This is why it’s hard to make a classification of biodegradable packaging and each type of biodegradation should be considered separately.V.

V. Recycled plastic packaging

Why is recycled packaging as low as fifth place? Unfortunately, in Poland, barely 40% of single-use packages is recycled, which means that the remaining 60% ends up either on a dump, in fire to be burnt or directly in the environment. Since recycling infrastructure is insufficient and collecting, segregating and transiting waste is costly, time-consuming and imperfect, a lot of packages will never be recycled.

What does it mean in practice? Well, even if a package consists of 20%/80%/100% recycled material, it doesn’t make it an eco-friendly solution. Just because a given package comes from recycled materials doesn’t ensure that it won’t end up in incineration plants, on dumping grounds or in the environment. It’s a marketing gimmick of packaging producers who divert attention from the real problem – plastic pollution.

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VI. Plastic packaging

The bottom of the list is reserved for plastic packaging and single-use containers. Delivering products packaged in them is easy, while the product is properly protected. A lot of shops offer such packages that negatively impact the environment. It happens more and more often that a plastic product is labelled as “eco”.

Let’s say it: plastic packaging is not eco-friendly. Plastic production supports fossil fuels industry, pollutes our environment and is responsible for the problem of microplastic in our organisms.

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Single-use eco packaging – what to consider?

A lot of producents use green colour or the symbol of a leaf that proves nothing in order to make their packaging look eco-friendly. B2B partners and clients should pay attention to the description on their websites. If a package is made from plastic or some of the materials was recycled it doesn’t prove it’s eco.

In our opinion products should have certificates issued by independent institutions which prove such aspects as:

  • Compostability of the materials (in industrial and/or domestic conditions)
  • Biodegradability of the materials (proving that a biodegradable package is indeed fully biodegradable and safe to the environment)
  • Sustainable origin of the resources (e.g. trees, corn, sugar cane)
  • Recyclability marking

Where to order eco-friendly packages from?

There are few producers in Poland that produce truly biodegradable packaging which can also undergo the process of composting.

You’ll find a variety of packaging that is friendly to the environment in what we offer because we treat the matter of environment protection seriously and battle against greenwashing.

The highest quality is guaranteed by certificates from renowned and independent institutions. Environment is our number one priority.

Website with all the solutions – eco-friendly packaging

In our offer you will find eco-friendly packaging solutions for your product.

We produce solutions for the e-commerce industry, the food industry, the electronics industry, the cosmetics industry and the catering industry. Consumers are paying more and more attention to how a product is packaged, so we supply universal materials and produce custom packaging solutions to accommodate the needs of the customer or product.

Orders can be placed via our online shop and you can see our entire range here. You will also learn about all news and promotions, as our shop and our website are expanded with new products every month. Production and delivery take no time.

With a click of a button you can package food, cosmetics, electronics and other products so that your delivery is eco-friendly and fully satisfies your customers.

Visit our website and find out more about our products:

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Give up cardboard and plastic today. Choose a compostable product.


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