How can e-commerce become more eco-friendly?

10 May, 2022

From this article you’ll learn:

  • What is e-commerce?
  • What are its advantages?
  • How does it influence the environment?
  • What can we do to make it more eco-friendly?

E-commerce in a nutshell

e-commerce, zakupy przez internet

What is e-commerce?

E-commerce is simply electronic trading – selling and buying products and services through the Internet. There are a lot of names for it – Internet trading, e-trading, e-business etc. They’re all correct as they describe the same thing in principle. 

There is no “an e-commerce”

Electronic trading can have many forms. The most popular one is having an online shop – an Internet page that allows easy browsing the shop’s stock, buying the products and paying for them. Online shop ZNIKA is such an example -

Another form of e-commerce is selling products on eCommerce websites such as Allegro, Amazon, eBay, Shopee or OLX. It is also popular to sell products via social media such as marketplace or Facebook.

It is also important to know that all the methods mentioned above don’t exclude each other. A lot of brands offers their products on their website as well as big e-commerce platforms and social media.

Ups of e-trading

Regardless of e-trading’s form, it has a lot of benefits for both businessmen and consumers. Thanks to quick technological advancement, it’s becoming a more attractive form of running a business and shopping. It offers us a lot of possibilities, which is why its popularity is increasing with each year.

E-business’ benefits for businessmen

Companies have quickly realised how beneficial e-commerce is. More and more businessmen decide to expand their activities and makes their products and services available via the Internet.

E-trading is, to put is simply, more flexible, effective and definitely cheaper way of running a business. It allows to cut both initial and production cost of running a shop. It doesn’t require renting a business premise in the best localisation not hiring a lot of staff to serve. Additionally, it allows for creating bigger client base who can make a purchase from anywhere and at any time.

Clients can also see the benefits

Zalety zakupów przez internet dla klientów

Z badania rynku e-commerce w Polsce z 2022r. wynika, że aż 77% klientów robi zakupy przez internet. To samo badanie wykazało też, że przeciętny internauta wydaje coraz więcej pieniędzy online. Aż 1/4 konsumentów deklaruje, że w przyszłym roku ich budżet na zakupy w internecie zdecydowanie wzrośnie.

A co z ekologią?

A lot could be said about benefits of e-trading. Of course it makes our lives easier. However, if we look at our world today, we should ask whether this economy branch influences the environment.

It might seem that e-commerce can be a good solution if environmental protection is considered. When we shop online, we don’t have to go all around the shopping centres and supermarkets, we don’t waste petrol to get to them and, as a result, we generate less pollution. We use less folic bags. Theoretically, we can take more time to consider what we buy and maybe, owing to that, we can make better decisions.


E-trading vs. environment

E-commerce market is actually connected with more production, delivery directly to the client’s door (often long-distance) and products’ returns. What does it all mean? Firstly – a necessity of transporting packages over and over; secondly – usage of non-reusable packaging and accessories essential to properly protect the package. Unfortunately, more often than not, the packaging is made from something conventional – plastic.

Wpływ handlu elektronicznego na środowisko

Plastic, on the other hand, is one of the main causes of environment pollution. This material enables creating such products that meet all the needs and demands of both producers and clients. However, some of its characteristics make it harmful to the environment:

  • Petroleum, a non-renewable resource, is often used in the production process;
  • Its degradation can last hundreds of years, often it’s even impossible;
  • It’s made from petrochemical resources

Too much plastic is also connected with significant greenhouse gases emission, water pollution, soil pollution but also air pollution. It negatively impacts life and health of every living being.

For this very reason, despite all the advantages of online shopping, we should aim at lowering the impact of our shops on the environment.

How can we reduce plastic in e-commerce?

Opakowania ekologiczne dla e-commerce

Limit packaging

Probably the most eco-friendly solution would be to discard packaging all together. Of course, it’s impossible currently. Though, we can limit the amount and size of packaging. For example, the size of a delivery cardboard should be accommodated  to the order. Smaller box means less tape and filling. This way, we reduce the usage of materials and we’ll also save some money.

Plant-based packaging for the win

Ekologiczny e-commerce

Reducing the amount of packaging is crucial though it doesn’t solve the problem of excess plastic alone. It’s necessary to substitute conventional plastic packaging with something that won’t last in the environment for centuries.

For thus reason, a new trend has appeared in the Internet – compostable packaging from bioplastic.

What is compostable packaging?

This type of packaging is made from natural materials such us sugar cane or cellulose from trees and straw. Thanks to the plant origin, it can undergo the process of composting. It means that in proper conditions they will degrade to water, carbon dioxide and biomass.

In a nutshell – they can turn into compost, which not only won’t pollute the environment, but also will serve as a source of valuable elements and minerals that can enrich soil.

Is compostable packaging suitable for your company?

Definitely yes!

Ekologiczne opakowania dla firm

1) How can you use it?

In the exact same way as conventional plastic packaging. Bioplastic id highly functional. They enable production of packages that meet all the needs of both consumers and manufacturers. What you can find on the market? Tapes, sachets, poly mailers or filling such as bubble wrap. There are various options, everyone will find what is needed.

2) You’ll meet your clients’ expectations

Clients pay increasingly more attention to how companies pack their products. According to studies, almost half of consumers declares that delivery’s impact on the environment is a very important matter. In addition, for 69% of clients the most important issue connected with eco-friendly delivery forms is using eco-friendly packaging.

Research also shows that around one third of Polish customers has stopped buying certain brands’ products due to their packages being not environmental-friendly.

3) You’ll make your products and company look eco

Bioplastic packaging production is characterised by lower carbon footprint and because it can undergo the process of composting, they are a chance for a pollution-free environment. These are essential matters for a lot of your clients. Compostable packaging will be a sign for them that your company shares their values!

Choose your packaging that will disappear!

Nowadays, running a business is tied with responsibility for our planet’s safety. We at ZNIKA are aware of the increasing problem of plastic pollution of the environment. Our mission is to substitute traditional non-reusable plastic packages with alternative bioplastic ones.

Learn about compostable packaging’s features

On our website we’ve gathered a plentiful of products for packing. Everything is produced from plant-based materials. They’re 100% degradable and can undergo composting.

We hope that more and more companies will join us in the battle for a pollution-free environment. Visit our online shop and get to know everything about compostable packaging.


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