Warta Poznań in pursuit of sustainable development

26 Jul, 2023

Warta Poznań, one of the leading football clubs in the Polish first league, has long been famous for its green image. Not only because of the colour of its logo, but also because of its green approach to running the club.

Recently, Warta has taken further steps towards sustainability. One of the key steps in this process was to change the way they package shipments and packaging for the club's sponsors. We were happy to help them meet this goal and thus become one of their business partners.

Why does Warta want to be the greenest club in Poland?

This is one of the main missions of the club. Warta wants to be the most ecological club in Poland, involving its Green Community in positive environmental impact activities and becoming a model for other sports clubs in the country. As we can read on their website:

"Today we are creating a football club, so sport is the foundation of our operation and we prioritise it. However, we want to be defined by the values through which we strengthen our Green Community. We are building a local identity and have the ability to reach thousands of people, so it is our responsibility and mission to make a positive impact on our surroundings."

Koperty sumo

Collaboration and green solutions

Collaboration and green solutions
Is a collaboration between a football club with tradition and a modern start-up possible? Of course it is! :)

After several discussions and establishing all the needs, we found the right solutions. The club decided on several products from our range:

  • Grass bags and boxes - they replaced the classic plastic bags and cartons made of wood pulp and stood out for their aesthetics and high quality.
  • Recycled paper padded mailers - to protect fragile items. With these, Warta Poznań effectively protects its products and minimises the use of plastic and new paper.
  • Grass labels - highlight Warta Poznań's commitment to sustainability. They contributed to minimising the company's plastic consumption, but also gave the club's shipments a unique look.
  • Compostable tape with plant-based rubber adhesive - to close and secure even the heaviest shipments ecologically. It is an eco-friendly tape that has the same properties as regular plastic adhesive tape but is 90% plant-based.

Our shared values meant that we reached an agreement very quickly.

Green brand and ecological packaging - why Warta Poznań wants to be consistent

Green brand and ecological packaging - or why Warta Poznań wants to be consistent.
Our cooperation quickly bore fruit!

With the introduction of eco-friendly packaging, the club has met its goals in its pursuit of sustainability. Ecological packaging has contributed to:

  • minimising plastic consumption,
  • reducing the company's overall environmental footprint,
  • achieving an aesthetically pleasing presentation of the products, while maintaining the high quality of the packaging,
  • building a positive image for the club as an environmental leader,
  • increase the club's credibility as an environmental brand.
  • In addition, Warta Poznań has become an inspiration for other companies, encouraging them to take action towards sustainable development.


We love collaborations like this because they show that even a traditional business can have environmentalism high up in its strategy. All businesses should care about their community and the well-being of our planet.

Thanks to our eco-friendly packaging, the club has been able to grow even more effectively than before in the spirit of sustainability, meeting the expectations of a changing market.

We are proud to have been part of this environmental success story!