Ullenboom - Investment in compostable packaging

11 Jul, 2023
Ullenboom is a company that sells top-quality baby items and home accessories. However, they care not only about the quality of their products, but also about the welfare of our planet. They started their adventure with ecology some time ago, introducing many environmentally friendly solutions. However, they were looking for something more and that is how they found us!Foliopak biodegradowalny z nadrukiem


Ullenboom was aware of the negative environmental impact of traditional plastic packaging. Therefore, they decided to look for alternative, greener solutions that would also provide aesthetics, high quality and safety for their shipments.

Until recently, they had been using recycled packaging, but wanted to go one step further and choose an even more sustainable solution. We are delighted that we were able to meet these challenges and provide them with our innovative compostable packaging.

Solution and cooperation

Ullenboom identified our company as a potential partner with expertise in the production of eco-friendly packaging. We had the pleasure of working with Ullenboom at every stage of design and production. Together we discussed their requirements, preferences for packaging aesthetics and the placement of their graphics and logos. We offered them our compostable foil packs with the option of personalisation. This solution proved to be ideal for several reasons:

  1. Our packaging is made from organic raw materials, such as corn starch and cellulose, which can undergo a natural composting process. This made them a perfect fit with the brand's sustainability mission.
  2. They are robust, flexible and easy to use, speeding up the packaging process and properly protecting the products.
  3. We were also able to customise the packaging with Ullenboom's graphics and logo, enabling them to promote their brand.


      Following the introduction of our eco-friendly compostable packaging, Ullenboom has seen many positive changes. Customers received the new eco-friendly packaging with personalisation very well, which helped to increase Ullenboom's brand recognition. We were proud to contribute to their environmental goals and contribute to their success.


      Our cooperation with Ullenboom has been mutually beneficial. Thanks to our innovative compostable packaging, Ullenboom has been able to go green even more effectively than before, meeting their customers' expectations and commitment to sustainability. As a Znika company, we are delighted to have been part of their success and to have provided them with solutions that were in line with our environmental values.

      From Ullenboom

      "We are delighted that together with ZNIKA we were able to take another step towards making Ullenboom more sustainable. In the past, we have already used shipping bags made from recycled film. With compostable packaging made from maize starch, we have gone one step further. We hope that our customers are as convinced of the quality of the bags as we are. A big thank you!"